Sheriff invites FBI, police group scrutiny of shootings

boblogoPalm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw has apparently decided to take the bull by the horns: In the wake of a series of Palm Beach Post and NewsChannel 5 stories detailing shootings by deputies, and inadequate internal investigations into those shootings, Bradshaw today asked the FBI to review “one particular case of interest.”

And he’s asking a well-respected advisory organizations, to review its internal affairs investigations of shootings.

Bradshaw stopped short of saying which one of the many shootings The Post/NewsChannel Five investigation examined is that case of interest, but Post reporter Lawrence Mower is hearing that it may be the Dontrell Stephens shooting.

The unarmed 20-year-old bicyclist was shot by a PBSO deputy 4 seconds after being stopped for a bike violation.

The deputy said he believed he saw Stephens reaching for a gun and bringing up a “dark square” object in his left hand. There was no weapon. Stephens has been holding a black cell phone in his right hand, the deputy’s dashboard camera showed.

The deputy was cleared of any violations of policy. Stephens, who has since filed suit, is partially paralyzed.

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