Mayor Muoio backtracks, says police not to blame for cameras

West Palm Beach mayor Jeri Muoio today backtracked from statements her spokesman made about the city’s surveillance cameras, saying that police were not to blame for problems with the system.

Since The Palm Beach Post broke the story Saturday about problems with the city’s camera system, Muoio’s spokesman, Elliot Cohen, has tried to shift blame to the police department.

Cohen said the cameras only saved the last 23 hours of footage, when in reality, the video stores for 23 days.

He said in one of the murders, the detective in the case didn’t consult the city’s camera until after the footage expired.

In a press conference with police Chief Bryan Kummerlen and two of the city’s IT managers, Muoio said that neither were true.

Rather, the detective reviewed the footage in time, but the system failed to save it at all, she said. The problem was fixed afterward. It’s unknown what, if anything, the camera might have witnessed in the shooting.

Muoio also said Tuesday that she has $200,000 in funding already set up to install more cameras in one section of the northwest area and is reviewing bids for cameras in the surrounding area.

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