In case you were wondering: How to make a Christmas tree out of empty beer bottles

If you happen to have a large collection of empty Heineken bottles burning a hole in your garage and you’re not quite ready to send them off to the recycling bin, how about using them to build a Christmas tree.

That’s what the elves at O’Shea’s Irish Pub in downtown West Palm Beach did over the weekend, continuing a December holidays tradition that started about seven years ago.

Black Friday is Green Friday at O’Sheas, where Rachel Costigan, whose husband owns the pub, spends at least four hours on the day after Thanksgiving firing a glue gun and stacking the empty beer bottles in 13 circular rows, each descending in diameter.

HEINEKEN XMAS TREEWith their green glass and red stars, Heineken bottles are perfect for a Christmas tree, Costigan says.

It takes more than 200 bottles to build the 15-ft. high tree, but Costigan won’t say exactly how many it took. That’s up to her customers, who can try to guess the total number of bottles — the number varies every year — and win a prize.

The tree, lit up at night by large spotlights installed inside the tree, can be seen just inside the entrance to the pub at 531 Clematis St.

After Christmas, it is taken down – one bottle at a time – and placed in cartons that are put into storage until the next day after Thanksgiving.

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