UPDATE: Green Terrace unsafe without water, residents to be evicted

UPDATE: Less than a day after the city turned off the water at Green Terrace condominiums on for failing to pay a $30,000 water bill, the city declared the condos unsafe and ordered residents in the 84-unit complex – to move by Aug. 22.

File Aug 10, 12 04 46 PMThe notice – taped onto residents’ doors Wednesday morning – also orders them to board up their units by Aug 29.

The condo board held an emergency meeting on Tuesday to vote on whether the board should use some of the $291,000 in its reserve account to pay the water bill. However, the vote was cancelled because there were not enough unit owners present to make the vote valid.

Ken Bailynson, a CPA who owns 44 units and serves as the association’s treasurer, did not a show up for the meeting or vote by proxy. It was the second emergency meeting in a month that was cancelled for a lack of a quorum.

West Palm Beach utilities shut off water at Green Terrace condominiums today after the condo board did not pay the $30,000 overdue water bill.

The shutoff is the second this summer at the 84-unit complex on Georgia Avenue, just south of Belvedere Road. Board members say there is not enough money to pay the bill.

Ken Bailynson sits in court during a hearing (Lannis Waters / The Palm Beach Post)
Ken Bailynson sits in court during a hearing (Lannis Waters / The Palm Beach Post)

»» Who is Ken Bailynson and why did the FBI raided Green Terrace? »»

The water woes at Green Terrace are the latest salvo in a bitter lawsuit between the condo board, including one-time sober home owner Ken Bailynson, and residents who fear Bailynson, a CPA,  is trying to take over the complex. 

In September 2014, the FBI raided the complex on Georgia Avenue off Belvedere Road, then the location of Good Decisions Sober Living facility, owned by Bailynson. No charges have been filed. Bailynson shut down the business but continued to buy apartments.

Although the association has $291,601 in reserves, board president Sandra Matus said that money can’t be used to pay the water bill without a vote by unit owners. Matus – whose condo was a gift from Bailynson – said the board called an emergency meeting for July 13 so that unit owners could vote on whether to dip into its reserves to pay the water bill.

However, there were not enough owners present to take the vote, Matus said in court papers. Bailynson, who owns 44 of the 84 units at the complex, did not attend the meeting. Instead he sat in his car in the parking lot and did not vote, said Denise Medina, a resident who said she parked next to Bailynson.


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