“Cremation” roasted on latest non-PC sign above Lake Worth bar

The marquee above Harry’s Banana Farm on North Dixie Highway in Lake Worth has had some memorable non-PC messages over the years, from “We’ve got beer colder than your ex-wife’s heart” to “Welcome to Lake Worth: Batteries not included.”

FUNNY SIGNBut the self-proclaimed local dive bar had impeccable timing with its latest sign: “Cremation — the only time you’ll have a smokin’ hot body.”

All County Funeral Home and Crematorium on Lake Avenue has been experiencing problems this month by emitting dark smoke on at least two days this month.

The latest incident occurred last Thursday morning while the first one happened late on the afternoon of July 1.

The Palm Beach County Public Health Department is investigating the cause of both incidents, and the crematory has promised nearby residents that the problem will be fixed.



Justice Department turns down request to investigate PBSO

The U.S. Department of Justice will not be investigating allegations of excessive force by PBSO against the Hispanic community.

In a letter dated last week, a chief within DOJ’s Civil Rights Division wrote that the decision was made after PBSO told them about its “efforts to work with the Latino community.”

Attorney Jack Scarola, on behalf of the Guatemalan Maya Center in Lake Worth, had asked for DOJ to investigate PBSO after Augusto Garcia was knocked to the ground and handcuffed by a deputy after calling police for help. He had to be taken to a hospital and is now suing the department.

“Based on a review of your letter and the PBSO response, the Civil Rights Division has determined not to open an investigation,” Deeana Jang, chief of the Civil Rights Division’s Federal Coordination and Compliance Section, wrote.

Scarola could not immediately be reached for comment.

The letter did not address a current FBI investigation into a use of force case against by a PBSO deputy that was announced by Sheriff Ric Bradshaw earlier this month. The FBI has not commented on the investigation.